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Tailored Software Solutions in Our Service Offerings

At Sepas, we are dedicated to transforming your digital aspirations into reality. Our suite of services encompasses the entire spectrum of software development and IT solutions, tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you seek outsourced software development, efficient team setup, or cutting-edge support and maintenance, we've got you covered. From end-to-end development and quality assurance to strategic technology advisory, our expert team ensures your software's success. Explore our comprehensive solutions, including enhanced monitoring, performance management, and strategic staffing, designed to empower your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Outsourced Software Development and IT Services.

  • Efficient Setup and Operation of On-location or Offsite IT Teams.

  • Comprehensive Support & Maintenance Services, Inclusive of Cutting-Edge Cloud Technologies.

  • End-to-End Software Development and Quality Assurance Services.

  • Enhanced Software Monitoring and Performance Management Solutions.

  • Strategic Technology Advisory, Consulting, and Staffing Solutions.

Outsourced Software Development and IT Services

Explore the flexibility of our retainer or fixed-bid models, offering offshore teams dedicated to delivering top-tier software project services. Whether you seek IT-based services or aspire to develop a product, we specialize in bringing your concepts to life. Our teams adeptly manage technology, ensuring a seamless delivery of the envisioned solution—whether at your premises or within our Dedicated Development Centre.

Efficient Setup and Operation of On-location or Offsite IT Teams

From location identification to establishing workspaces, addressing infrastructure needs, ensuring security and compliance, and recruiting top- tier talent, we handle the entire operational setup. Our comprehensive approach extends to total management, all while aligning with your organizational culture and work practices. Entrust us with the details, so you can focus on what matters most.

Comprehensive Support & Maintenance Services, Inclusive of Cutting-Edge Cloud Technologies

Choose from our versatile support models, including 24x7 operations, extended hours operations, business hours, coverage, or the efficiency of support automation. Whatever your requirement, this approach is an excellent strategy to reduce your cost of ownership and overall IT operational expenditure. Experience support that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs

End-to-End Software Development and Quality Assurance Services

Our teams are equipped to handle both software development and Quality Assurance engagements. We pride ourselves on being technology-agnostic, ready to take on partially developed projects, remediate failed initiatives, or even bring to life entirely new concepts. Whatever the challenge, we're committed to delivering excellence and turning your ideas into successful outcomes.

Enhanced Software Monitoring and Performance Management Solutions

Similar to our Software Support and Maintenance services, we offer dedicated technology teams with specialized capabilities and experience in specific tools, environments, applications, and platforms. These teams are committed to ensuring the quality of service throughout your IT ecosystem, upholding high Quality of Service (QoS) standards. Trust us for a tailored and reliable approach to maintaining excellence in your IT operations.

Strategic Technology Advisory, Consulting, and Staffing Solutions

Let us assist you in identifying your IT skill requirements, aligning with the market availability of talent pools, and executing remote offshore development models. Our services encompass continuous performance monitoring, supporting you as you expand and grow your operations. Count on us for strategic solutions tailored to your evolving IT needs.

Ensuring Excellence

Our Quality Assurance Service Offerings

At SEPAS, Quality Assurance is the Heart of Our Delivery Process.

  • QA Resource Staffing: Expert Advisory for Enhancing and Managing QA Operations.

  • Manual Test Services: Delivering Fixed-Cost Engagements for Comprehensive Manual Testing.

  • Comprehensive Support & Maintenance Services, Inclusive of Cutting-Edge Cloud Technologies.

  • Mobile Testing: Seamless Testing for Any Mobile Application or Hybrid Solutions Across Your Preferred Platforms.

  • QA Test Automation: Elevating Your QA Services Through Industry Best Practices, Tools, and Techniques.

  • Cloud Testing: Comprehensive Testing for Cloud or Hybrid-Based Systems and Applications.

  • Performance Testing: Tailored Load and Stress Testing Solutions to Meet Client Needs.

Application Governance

Governance Service For Software Products

  • Tailoring Our Development Process & project Inspection : Selecting the Optimal Execution Model for Your Engagement. Defining Key KPIs & Metrics.

  • Periodic Reviews & Execution Phase : Ensuring Adherence and Monitoring Metrics at a Defined Frequency. (e.g., Weekly, Monthly).

  • Milestone Reviews & Achievements: Evaluating Key KPIs and Metrics Upon Project Milestone Achievements .

  • Retrospective Reviews & Releasess: Assessing Process Adherence, Identifying Gaps, and Addressing Issues through Root Cause Analysis. (RCA) .

  • Closure/Period-End Review: An Annual Reflection to Capture Lessons Learned and Inform Future Endeavours.